Thursday, May 17, 2007

thing 23: summarize your thoughts about this program and learn more about where to go from here

Hrm. My participation in 23 things was driven my my participation in LATI training.

Most of the things in this training I already knew about. The librarything was one that I had not heard of before and I think might actually be useful and fun for me.

Being an IT (or Systems in library parlance) person, I found most of this to be remedial.

thing 22: learn about audiobooks

well, my thing 21 covered this in many ways. Oh well.

I have used overdrive before. The selection is poor, and the files are DRM encumbered, which keeps me from listening to them in my car. I haven't used netlibrary.

I currently use the free (but please donate) site podiobooks to get free audiobook content. The selection is medium sized, and the content is not DRM encumbered.

thing 21: discover some useful tools for locating podcasts

The podcast search engine I use all the time is podiobooks. This site has a lot of audiobooks released as serialized novels via podcast. I listen to them during my commute every day.

I added a link to one book I recently listened to: The Worldwrights to my bloglines account. Note: the link is to the feed.

thing 20: discover youtube and a few sites that allow you to upload video

This is a video shown to us during our staff day.

thing #19: discover any site from the web 2.0 awards list

I chose linked in as my site to try. The intent is to build business networking. This is a useful thing for professionals. However, I found that I never remembered to look at it, and the emails often annoyed me rather than providing me with a useful service.

I think library staff, being professionals, would find it useful in building connections to other professional library staff.

thing #18: take a look at some online productivity tools

tried out zoho writer. Seems to behave like a local word processor, except the keystroke responsiveness was slower. It is a simple user interface. It also auto-saves your documents for you, which is a great feature.

The use of tools like these could help reduce costs for libraries as well as reducing support overhead. However, there are ramifications to having all your official documents living one someone else's server that would need to be addressed before switching to something like this.

Thing 17: add an entry into the sandbox wiki created with pb wiki

I added a link to my blog in the favorite blogs area. Looks like I'm the first. I decided to make it a bulleted list under ESRL to have it not get lost with the name of the organization.